Delivering Sustainable
Portfolio Performance

Utility Solar O&M

Our services are designed to achieve desired performance and reduce uncertainty and risk. MaxGen operates utility scale solar projects with an owner's mindset by mitigating risks and maximizing performance.

Our NERC GOP and CIP compliant Operations Center ensures a level of in-house expertise and highest quality and reliability.

Maximizing your energy

Our dedicated Field Service Technicians, Client Service Managers, Technical Experts, and Performance Analysts help you sustain portfolio performance and maximize your energy generation.

We Own

We operate and maintain your sites to the highest safety standards. We believe in managing risk to our people and your sites.

Our Nationwide

We fulfill the promise of clean renewable power to help you maximize your energy generation.


We help you maintain optimum performance through the utilization of our exceptional maintenance and monitoring capabilities.


  • Annual maintenance plan
  • 24/7 NERC/CIP compliant Operations Center
  • Generator-Operator (GOP) functional registration with NERC
  • Integrated operational event monitoring with work order management system
  • Automated operational event tracking
  • Client Service Managers
  • Project analytics and reporting
  • Warranty management
  • Curtailment response
  • Weather and energy forecasting
  • Service guaranties

Utility Solar
O&M Services


Onsite Staffing

  • Dedicated technicians
  • Annual preventive maintenance onsite
  • Corrective maintenance and emergency response
  • OEM certified technicians and industry experts
  • Tracker maintenance and repair
  • SCADA, networking, and communications services
  • Ancillary services
  • Spare parts procurement and management
  • Safety, health, and environmental management
  • Independent system commissioning
  • Project redesign and repowering

Remote Operations Center (24x7)

  • Fully compliant with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Operations and Planning (O&P) and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standards
  • Functionally registered Generator Operator (GOP) with NERC
  • Real-time monitoring and operations functions for operational events
  • Technology agnostic and can operate all SCADA platforms
  • Generate energy forecasts
  • Daily transmission operator, balancing authority, and independent system operator coordination

Performance Analytics

  • Data quality audits
  • Predicted weather adjusted plant energy yield
  • Performance management
  • Energy accounting
  • Guarantee management
  • Fault trend analysis

Supercharge Your Renewable
energy portfolio

MaxGen Energy Services monitors, operates and maintains clean energy infrastructure nationwide. We can help you maximize your generation.

We make clean energy work.

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