Electrifying Tomorrow's
Clean Energy Transportation

EV Charging
& Battery Energy Storage


EV Charging

  • Public Infrastructure
  • Commercial / Retail
  • Multi-Family Dwellings
  • Workplace Facilities
  • Industrial

Battery Energy Storage

  • Stand-alone peak shaving
  • Backup power
  • Solar + Storage

We own

We operate and maintain your sites to the highest safety standards. We believe in managing risk to our people and your sites.

Our Nationwide

We fulfill the promise of clean renewable power to help you maximize your energy generation.


We help you maintain optimum performance through the utilization of our exceptional maintenance and monitoring capabilities.


Put our experience to work for you. We conduct site assessments and surveys to help you maximize your design. Our expert team can help you maximize the operational effectiveness of your site through design review for serviceability.


As the largest independent service provider, you can count on us to fairly represent your needs during the commissioning process. Our team of professionally trained service technicians and engineers will provide you peace of mind.


Our NERC/CIP Remote Operations Center (ROC) working in collaboration with our nationwide field technicians help to maximize your generation. Our annual maintenance planning and ongoing performance analytics ensures the reliability of your generation.


With our industry relationships and expertise, we can design and execute a custom project to retrofit and repower your assets. With in-house design and engineer capabilities and our nationwide team of technicians, we can extend the life of your assets.


Services &

  • Annual maintenance plans
  • Corrective maintenance and emergency response
  • Trained technicians and industry experts
  • Campaigns
  • Spare parts management, warehouse operations, and logistics
  • OEM warranty services
  • Independent system commissioning

Supercharge Your Renewable
energy portfolio

MaxGen Energy Services monitors, operates and maintains clean energy infrastructure nationwide. We can help you maximize your generation.

We make clean energy work.

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